Wednesday, 20 October 2010

£1,050,000 Bugatti Veyron - Car Review

Showing just how larage the Veyron is
On Saturday 16th October, I reviewed one of the most fantastic man creations possibly ever made- The 253Mph mid-engine Bugatti Veyron W16. I visited the Veyron at Romans International Ltd in Surrey, where the most Bugatti Veyrons have been sold in the UK. Romans International have a unique realtionship with Molsheim (France) the factory in which the Buagtti is created. " We are the biggest supplier of the Veyrons in the UK, perhaps even in Europe" Marc Jaconelli explained to me. Only 300 of these magnificent machines have been made, and this completely new, never used Veyron, speaks for itself. The Veyron was speced by Romans International themselves filled with all those small luxurious extras such as the red stitching to the steering wheel and gear stick, not only extending the Veyrons value, but also adding to the pure attention to detail which creates a Buagtti. The detail of both the interior and exterior is explicit, from the Parmigiani watch which sits perfectly in the dash whilst removable to wear as a fashion accessory, to the turned alluminium centre piece. The two toned body colour, black base with red wings comes across as an extremely modern colour scheme but infact is what Marc referred to as "An acknowledgement of hisrory" as black and red were the original launch colours of Bugatti, and the two toned scheme originates from back as far as the 1920's. As I admired the Veyrons exterior I was overwhelmed by the beautiful design and sheer attention to detail, all specifically created to handle the top speed and amount of hoursepower the Veyron can achieve. The minimal amount of clearance between the front splitter to the ground, the stream lined panels and the unique air intakes, all to improve the aero dynamics and to withstain that magnificent speed. The Veyrons W16 (equivalent to two V8s positioned in a 'W' configuration) 1001Bhp engine, capable of 253Mph is completely exposed allowing the air to keep it as cool as possible working alongside those 10 radiators. The Veyron is so highly tuned "over engineered" that the telematic system is always on. Even whilst sat in the show room it was plugged into the system, almost as if it was alive. Like Formula 1 cars the engine is 'spoken to' by computers therefore always monitered at all times, baring in mind when in need of a service the Veyron would be taken back to Molsheim. Marc explained to me how people often say how ridiculous it is how the Bugatti Veyron cost over £4,000000 to make, yet only sold for just over a million. However the Veyron is seen as a role model for other brands. "Logically it is a research and development tool for the rest of the brands." Marc explained. Because the Veyron is extremely powerful it was built with four wheel drive to withstand the amount of BHP it generates. This was then developed for other brands such as Lamborghini, Audi and Bentley. This is similar to the W16 engine, using the same idea brands such as Bentley have the W12 engine, almost the baby version on the Veyrons W16. There are some unbelievable facts which do come as a shock at first. Every third set of tyres the Veyron has, it will need a new set of rims! Some say this is completely unnecessary, but it is not at all. These rules apply for the safety of the driver, keeping the Veyron exactly as it should be in order to withstand that top speed. Baring in mind if the Veyron was to be driven at full speed it would take only 9 minutes to empty the fuel tank and just 12 minutes to make the tyres bold. Marc presented me with the brochure of the all new Bugatti Galibier. Looking through the images it certainly still looks the business, the Galibier has a huge number of 8 exhaust pipes! However the new model is a 4 door saloon, giving it that sensible personality which differs from the monstrous, wild personality of the Bugatti Veyron W16. "You can stick a couple of kids in the back, parents in the front!" Therefore the Galibier will most probably be detuned. Marc explained to me how he believes putting your money into a Veyron will become a brilliant investment. More so than keeping your money in the bank. I asked just how much the value could or would increase on the Veyron in years to come, however Marc informed me on how hard it is to tell although he thinks it would be a noticeable amount. As an example, Marc gave me some information on a Ferrari Enzo he sold the week before. It was originally sold for £450,000 in 2004 in which he sold last week 6 years later for £950,000. A substantial amount more proving the huge increase in value. Marc believes the Veyron is going the same way. So there we have it, from the luxurious interior to the sturdy, streamlined exterior. To me the Veyron is one of the greatest motors and man made machines ever to be created. Definately a vehicle I would suggest for the history books.

The Bugatti Veyron

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