Monday, 13 December 2010

300 Words for Multimedia Assessment

Throughout unit one of our multimedia course, we have covered many areas, which has most definitely enhanced my knowledge of multimedia journalism.

A personal blog is a must. It is important as a journalist to put yourself out there and make yourself known. A blog is a place to spread opinion and post examples of your work on subject areas you are interested in.

I learnt how ‘blogging’ is a very different type of online journalism. And not often admired by everyone, as it is often very opinionated. However online journalism appears to be extremely strong, as does those ‘bloggers’ out there.

During the print journalism lectures, I learnt how to use software programmes I haven’t used before such as Adobe CS4 Indesign and Photoshop. Both of which (especially Indesign) could be quite difficult to get the hang of, but are both vital programmes to understand when creating print stories and projects. Along the way I also was made aware of online programmes such as, Sound-Cloud; extremely useful for uploading audio and Google Reader which enables you to use the RSS link online for certain websites and you are then sent updates and relevant news on that specific subject.

Radio journalism, unlike television, obviously can only communicate to listeners with audio. Therefore, it is vital to keep your audiences attention in other ways instead of visuals. I learnt that short, snappy stories are most important and they should be read clearly at a clear consistent pace.

Television. Full of terminology and lots of technical areas. Television journalism can be very manic and there is much to learn. From different shots: Close-up; wide-shot and mid-shot, to creating vox-pops (the voice of the people). I learnt how to write/create a simple TV script to go with each project and how to edit films using Premier Pro software.

For all areas of journalism, it’s vital to have good understanding of software programmes in order to keep up-to-date with technology but to also present you work properly and well.

Good advice I learnt - keep organised, work extra hard and get those exclusive stories.

Sophie Williamson

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