Monday, 31 January 2011

Journey in the Jaunty Juke - Drive in Style, Drive in Juke - The Full Review

The Nissan Juke Acenta has made an outstanding impression at UCA this week. As the first student to road test the classy diesel hatchback, topped with technology, the Juke certainly grabbed my attention.

Nissan Juke

For £16,836 the mid-ranged Juke, with the optional premium pack, the Juke is the car to have. A striking design, crammed with unique features, and full of character. From dominant headlights to quirky centre piece gadgets, the Juke is full of surprises, and certainly the perfect car for all the young independent motorists out there.

The red and black interior feels somewhat sophisticated; along with the out-there motorbike fuel tank lookalike centre console adding a little fun to the journey. The G-force gauge has got to be the most fascinating feature of the Juke, but if this isn’t enough for you, the touch screen satellite navigation system and cruise control option is there to win you over.

I was impressed by the bright, spacious front seating, although the rear space unfortunately isn’t quite as roomy. However this is no problem when the boot almost becomes a room; the rear seats fold completely flat allowing plenty of space.

Motoring Journalists with the Juke

The 1.5 DCI engine and its six speed gearbox made my journey both enjoyable and relaxed, with minimal tyre noise and soft, comfy seats. I could feel under my right foot, the Juke had plenty of speed to give, and could also cruise nicely at a steady pace.

17inch alloy wheels, a distinctive design, and full of energy, the Juke to me, is the beginning of a new generation for modern motoring.

By Sophie Williamson

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