Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mercedes-Benz World

Five year anniversary of the UK Mercedes-Benz World venue representing 125 years since the birth of the motor car

A place where all motoring fans can enjoy a memorable day out and high speed driving becomes reality in a range of spectacular cars. Mercedes-Benz World is soon to celebrate its 5th anniversary as a successful tourist attraction.

Spend a day tackling some of the steepest slopes, and drive a selection of the latest 600bhp AMG performance cars. As long as you can reach the pedals, Mercedes-Benz World has got plenty to offer for all age groups. Built on the remains of the famous Brooklands ground and representing one of the most prestige automotive brands, Mercedes-Benz World is listed in the top ten visitor attractions in the UK and over a million people attend yearly.

The History
The Brooklands venue itself has one of the most historical backgrounds in the United Kingdom. In 1907 Brooklands Race Circuit opened. With records of development for the aerodrome dating back to 1908 and the home of Britain’s first air school, the venue continued to evolve and was used in World War ll for military aircraft production. Brooklands Race Circuit was the victim of its own success. Brookland was sold to Vickers-Armstrongs in 1946 and continued to be an aircraft factory. After much re-construction and progress throughout the years, it became part of the British Aircraft Corporation in 1960 and was the venue to the creation of various Concorde parts, before eventually closing in 1988.

Now home to Brooklands Museum, built it 1987, and Mercedes-Benz World, the site holds many historical aircrafts along with Mercedes driving courses such as a high speed track, a wet-circle (skid-pan) and an off-road layout. Organising motoring events since the mid-1980s, the Museum also allowed fly-ins for visiting small aircraft from 1990 to 2003 using the original tarmac runway. The famous 30degree banking where drivers could supposedly take both hands off the steering wheel, still remains as does Railway Straight, with chances available for the public to experience the ‘no-hands’ banking feeling, with no seat belts and just a leather hat to protect them - just like it would have been like back in the classical days, for just £1.

With an objective to create a strong link with the public and to also provide somewhere in the United Kingdom where everyone can explore the history of the Mercedes brand in addition to the Mercedes venue in Germany, Mercedes-Benz World has miles of potential where even children can take their first ever drive behind the wheel. “Mercedes-Benz Worlds purpose is to create an emotional link with people. To create a bond,” Public Relations Manager Rob Halloway said.

 Tackle steep, bumpy off-road courses and spend time up on two wheels at your own pleasure, unleash the horse power of an AMG sports car and learn on track racing lines, and spend time sideways on the tyre screeching skid-pan, all available from a reasonable price. Mercedes World is open to everyone, to allow buyers, aspirers and admirers to enjoy and experience spectacular historical cars, with an area dedicated especially for Formula One. Another purpose of Mercedes-Benz World is to enhance the loyalty of the Mercedes brand.

Formula One Display
Rob Halloway explained how, in regards to marketing aspects, in the Surrey location sales have improved. “I would say sales in the local areas have gone up slightly due to Mercedes World.” Such a friendly organisation with open access and helpful services, suggests the increase in sales could possibly be related to the respect people have for the brand. Mercedes stands for the best of what it can be and Mercedes-Benz World gains creditability by standing in the centre of driving excellence and corporate events.

The unique design of the building is based upon the official venue in Germany with specific attributes reflected in many areas of its structure. Such a fascinating building shows the inspiration and devotion from Mercedes to provide its audience and others with accessibility to experience Mercedes themselves.

After falling a few places in the J.D Powers surveys in 2003, Mercedes now sits in third position in the rankings for customer satisfaction and it sounds as if we have much to look forward to, and expect from Mercedes over the forthcoming years. “Cars coming out over the next five years and going to be great and deliberately designed for the younger age groups,” Rob Halloway said. The brands next aim and objective is to succeed in lowering the target audience age group of average Mercedes customers. The new A-Class released at Shanghai Motor Show for example, is an extraordinary car, with an eye-catching, sporty design.

Skid Circle
Mercedes-Benz World is a one-of-a-kind motorist attraction, for everyone to explore and admire, along with the opportunity to experience the well known, historical banking of the first purpose built race tack. Chances for all age groups to drive some exceptional Mercedes cars on a range of all track surfaces, as well as a chance to learn to control and handle the power of an AMG. Brooklands will remain at the heart of the Mercedes brand and continue to offer breath taking experiences.
By Sophie Williamson

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