Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Ford Sierra and the Space Shuttle

The Ford Sierra and the Space Shuttle
“Some vehicles are classics from day one and some become classic with time”

The Ford Sierra & NASA Space Shuttle
To Celebrate and illustrate the centenary of Fords unique relationship with Britain and the society, the company are releasing rarely seen images each week.

In April 1982, NASA released the Space Shuttle Programme, a series of ‘reusable’ space craft, which would change the exploration of space completely. The design was based on functionality rather than style and the Shuttles soon became instantly recognisable - Similar to a classic creation by Ford.

That same year, when the first operational Shuttle missions were taking place, Ford unveiled the famous Sierra. With its unusual design, referred to as 'jelly-mould' styling and flowing lines, the Sierra was a light year away from its predecessor - the iconic Cortina.

The Sierra wasn’t an instant hit but like the Shuttles, with its aerodynamic bodywork and improved chassis, along with a range of new, uncommon equipment inside such as delayed action interior lights, lockable compartments and illuminated vanity mirrors; the Sierra was a step ahead of its time.

Today, the last Shuttle prepares for retirement and the Ford Sierra has joined the ranks of the classic car, as they both reach 30. The revolutionary design of the Sierra is now recognised and inherited by the company’s recent models that we continue to see in Ford’s successful kinetic design philosophy.

By Sophie Williamson-Stothert

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